Look UP with make up range from Planet Pharmacy

Every woman loves make-up!  It is a fact – in fact it might well be part of a female’s DNA as there isn’t a woman alive who does not possess any make-up at all – it would be humanly impossible.

What is great about make-up is that you can experiment with so many different brands and types of make-up to find the one that suits you, and what’s better the best make-up bag has a selection of high end, branded make-up to the more affordable – it’s like the best dressed females are the ones that can mix designer with high street!

Planet Pharmacy do tend to have this knack of catering to their market – their make-up line; Look UP is an affordable range of make-up that seriously has some gems that once you try you simply won’t be able to live without.

Lipsticks – you’re either a lipstick girl or you’re not – but if you try the Look UP lipsticks you’ll find colours that match no other, and a moisturising that seriously kicks competition out of the water.

We love the Look UP lipsticks and don’t get me started on the lipgloss – you simply can’t go anywhere without it – the gorgeous array of colours are great and match any outfit and give that hint of glamour either before you go into a meeting or meeting friends after work and they’re easy on the wallet – lipsticks at Dhs.40 and lipgloss at Dhs.45 – any girl’s new BF!

LOOK UP lipstick comes in 24 amazing shades and the lip glosses in 6 and they should definitely be considered top priority in the make-up bag.

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Baby Royale talking to mothers – part 3

Yet another busy morning for the Baby Royale team with their continued focus on mothers and keeping them abreast of the Baby Royale baby food range.  This morning’s coffee morning at Costa Coffee, Dubai Mall was bursting at the seams.  Our free gift bags went down a storm with each mother and her baby/babies receiving bespoke products depending on their baby’s needs and age.  One mother was so thrilled and relieved – she had just been to a supermarket to try and make a decision on what to start weaning her baby on as she is due to go back to work in a month.  When she saw the Baby Royale team and we made some recommendations to her, her response was, “You have made my day, I am feel so relieved to have had someone to discuss this with”.  We would say – ‘job well done’!

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Baby Royale talking to mothers – part 2

As part of an on-going campaign to let mothers know how great and nutritious the Baby Royale food range is, we’ve been doing the rounds at the local coffee mornings – this morning the team were in Fun City at Ibn Battuta mall.  It has proved the idea forum with which to have a chat with mothers and to really to understand what they need for their child, what they like, and what they would like to see more of within the range.  One question highlighted snack bars and whether Baby Royale were going to be adding them to the range.

Now as any mother knows giving children the best options with their snack boxes, whether at school or nursery is of paramount importance.  Well Baby Royale don’t intend to disappoint – the new range of snack bars will be hitting stores at the tail end of 2011, so we’ll keep you posted.

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Baby Royale talks to mothers – part 1

The Baby Royale team are always looking for ways to meet with mothers and their children to tell them about the fabulously nutritious range and boy have they been busy.  The team have been getting the word out about Planet Pharmacy’s new baby food range and how amazing it is – an Australian baby food brand that is available in the UAE.

Baby Royale is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle, which is a strong Planet Pharmacy company philosophy.  Our aim? To introduce a natural food with no hidden nasties! We believe that introducing baby to the real tastes and textures of food right from the start helps to develop a lifetime of healthy eating.    And that means healthy eating taken seriously.  You’ll not find and added sugar or salt, no artificial colours or flavourings, no additives or thickeners and no genetically modified ingredients.


Our aim is to provide a healthy food for your baby and making a commitment in providing the best quality, safe and convenient products – perfect for little ones everywhere!

The way we cook and prepare our food ensures maximum taste and texture compared to other more processed methods used by conventional jarred baby food that can often expose foods to high temperatures and lengthy cooking times.

Research has shown that eating a variety of healthy foods and minimizing the intake of processed foods with additives and preservatives can help avoid health concerns later in life such as allergies, obesity and early onset of diabetes.

Our fantastic easy-to-use pouches not only improve taste and texture they are also versatile in their use; they can be put in the fridge and chilled, microwaved to serve warm all with the ultimate objective of ensuring your baby has a great tasting healthy meal.

Baby Royale products is committed to developing fun and tasty food that will not only get baby’s taste buds tingling, but also make weaning on –the- go a lot easier for parents.

We don’t stop there – Our premium range of infant formulas is made from 100% Australian fresh dairy milk.  We use only the best ingredients, manufactured to the strictest standards and use the most advanced formulations.  We have done the science, so baby can get the best start in life.  Our three- stage system for infants from birth to 24 months provides baby with the right nutrients for those critical early years – and if you fancy doing a like for like comparison you will see that we far exceed nutritional content against any major competing brand in this area.


Our great range of organic cereals is designed to help baby advance through the weaning stage and onto solid foods.  You’ll find smooth and low allergenic first foods like rice cereals to more advanced foods like muesli, which are designed to help baby develop important muscles that are needed in early speech development.

Baby Royale’s commitment to healthy eating right from day 1 is of paramount importance to us – why not try our range today and join us on Facebook to let us know your thoughts and comments – we’d love to hear from you.

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Planet Pharmacy launches new skincare range in the UAE

This gallery contains 12 photos.

Planet Pharmacy ME has recently announced the launch of their new skin care range – La Cure. The La Cure skincare range was conceptualised here in the UAE and manufactured solely in Paris, France.  It’s been made with the sole … Continue reading

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Welcome to planetlifestyle – a blog for all your lifestyle needs

This is Planet Pharmacy’s blog – planetlifestyle.  We wanted to deliver straight to our customers relevant information that is useful to their lives.  We will be covering a range of topics that we hope you will like and share with your friends.  We will be sharing with you any news that we have, which could include new product launches, new products in-store and general information that we think you will find interesting.  Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question – we’re always here to help.

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