We can all use great make-up and all sorts of products to make us look good, but the most effective beauty makeover that you’ll ever get comes from the inside.  Our skin, nails and hair also need nourishment to look great, so we’ve put together some key food essentials that will help boost your beauty from the inside!

If your skin isn’t getting enough nutrients then it will soon start to look dull, grey, dries out and feels fragile- not a good look we hear you cry. 

For a glowing complexion

Shining morning faces need their daily dose of antioxidants and that means vitamin B. 

Vitamin B aids metabolic reactions to repair and build collagen and elastin fibre – we can always do with a bit more collagen.

Good sources: Whole grains and cereals (bread, pasta, rice, wheat, meat, fish, eggs with essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 which limit water loss in the skin cells – salmon is great for this, anchovies, sardines, tuna as well as avocados.

water is essential for healthy skin, for deep-down hydration. It also gets rid of waste, which causes dull skin.

Good sources : Aside from drinking water, get your fill from tea, soup, herbal tea, fruit and veg (they’re 90% water on average!).

Vitamin C
- is essential for collagen production and protects your skin from UV damage and if you have any scars it does help to get rid of those too or certainly lessen the effects.

Good sources: Fresh fruit and veg, especially citrus fruit (lemon, orange and grapefruit), kiwi, cabbage vegetables and parsley.

Vitamin A – this is the most important vitamin for supple, radiant skin – we’ll take a truck load please!

Good sources: Liver, eggs, butter and butter for Vitamin A, and brightly-coloured fruit and veg (mango, melon, pepper, carrot, etc) for Provitamin A, which the body converts into Vitamin A.

Vitamin E – this baby is a powerhouse antioxidant with an unrivalled talent in repairing sun damage – if you like the sun then it might be worth stocking up!  Basically vitamin E traps aging free radicals and partners with vitamin A and C to protect cell membranes, which are the main target of those nasty free radicals.

Good sources: Nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds), whole grains, cereals and vegetable/plant oils.

- partner your vitamin E with selenium and you have the best weapon against free radicals.  Quite recently it has also been recognized as a major player in anti-aging and aids in the elimination of toxins such as tobacco and alcohol through urine.

Good sources: Meat, fish, seafood and eggs.

For clear skin

If your skin tends to be a bit sensitive or greasy then your best bet is to cut down on strong coffee, alcohol, chocolate, and certain spices like pepper, ginger, curry powder, paprika, mustard and fermented cheeses and try to avoid eating excessive amounts of fat and sugar.  Now before you panic because that does sound a bit heavy – remember if they happen to be some of your favourite things above, then just be moderate with them – don’t consume in excess amounts and you should be fine.

Zinc-Zinc is an antioxidant mineral, so if you suffer from spots and blotches, Zinc regulates sebum production and aids cell healing.

Good sources: Shellfish, fish, whole grains and cereals.

Probiotics – Friendly bacteria in your digestive system protect your intestines and strengthen the immune system including your skin.

Good sources: Fermented yoghurts and dairy produce

For beautiful lips

All lips will look great if they are backed with a gorgeous set of pearly white teeth.  So if you like your cigarettes and coffee just be careful they can stain, but you probably know that already.  Get plenty of nutrients to make sure your teeth stay strong, white and dazzling.

Calcium builds and strengthens teeth.

Good sources: Dairy produce, fruit, vegetables and some types of mineral water.

Along with calcium, phosphorus forms the mineral ‘weave’ of our bones.

Good sources: All foods contain phosphorus, so as long as you eat a balanced diet you’ll get enough of it.

Fluorine is a trace element that strengthens tooth enamel.

Good sources: Mineral water that contains fluorine, radishes, cress, cherries and tomatoes.

For shiny hair

Now you can tell a lot about a person’s health by the state of their skin and hair.  When you are unwell or unhealthy, the hair becomes fragile, dry and brittle and can fall out and our skin can just look grey – not a good look!

B Vitamins  
These all contribute to healthy hair, especially B2, which regulates the scalp’s sebum; B5, which improves the structure and shine of the hair; and B8, which slows down hair loss and the appearance of grey hairs.

Good sources: Whole grains and cereals, meat, fish, eggs and brewer’s yeast (live yeast).

Zinc aids hair growth. Zinc deficiency hinders the formation of keratin, causing your hair follicles to atrophy.

Good sources: Shellfish, fish, whole grains and cereals.

For perfect nails

Like our hair and skin, our nails also reflect how healthy we are.  If nails break easily, or are weak or white marks on them then they are trying to tell us something – you need some vital nutrients – keep an eye on your nails and adjust your diet and include some of the following:

Calcium strengthens nails and makes them grow.

Good sources: Dairy produce, fruit and vegetables and some types of mineral water.

Iron is a fortifying trace element that enriches red blood cells and increases oxygenisation of tissue, especially in nails that break easily.

Good sources: Red meat, shellfish and pulses.

Sulphur is a misunderstood mineral that’s vital for strong nails – it basically strengthens the nail structure

Good sources: Seafood, asparagus, onion, garlic and cabbage. 
At Planet Pharmacy we always want to lend a helping hand when it comes to looking and feeling great, so we’ve put together the following menu for a day of beauty food.


BreakfastA hot drink.

A glass of fresh fruit juice or a piece of fresh fruit

A fermented milk yoghurt or soya yoghurt

2 slices of wholemeal bread with Omega-3 rich butter (butter made with vegetable oil is better than animal fat butter)

A piece of fresh fruit


A plate of raw veg or mixed salad

(shallots, chives, parsley and other herbs), drizzled with lemon juice and rapeseed oil

Around 150g oily fish

Steamed vegetables and whole grains/cereals with a drizzle of olive oil

A piece of fresh fruit


Green tea (left to infuse for less than 2min)
A yoghurt or a piece of fresh fruit


Mixed vegetable soup
100-150g steamed fish and steamed vegetables

A yoghurt or fresh fruit salad


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