Frizzy hair is for some something they have to live with and it is no fun.  Some people think that frizzy hair is an actual hair type.  In fact frizzy hair is a condition, which mostly affects people with wavy or curly hair.

There are many reasons for frizzy hair, such as excessive brushing, over washing can dry out the hair or increase in humidity in the air – and we all know how much humidity is in the air on our fair Dubai shores.

If you suffer from frizzy hair it really can be the bane of one’s life.  It is frustrating because of the amount of work that goes into taking care of your hair and spending time on it to look nice and all you get is a frizzy mop the minute you step outside the door.  It’s not something you’re doing wrong it’s just a bit unlucky.

It’s not all doom and gloom there are various ways you can tame it – in fact it might be worth considering that it’s something that you’re doing every day that’s causing the frizz.

  1. Try trimming your hair.  Think about the last time you had a hair-cut. Split ends get gradually worse and worse and this can cause the hair to frizz.  Try to get a hair trim every 6-8 weeks to keep hair healthy.
  2. Cleaning hair.  Try not to clean your hair every day.  Instead shampoo and condition every other day to preserve natural oils.  Also, check out products that contain keratin, which fights frizz and repairs damaged hair.
  3. Blow-dry properly 

If you blow-dry, first apply an anti-frizz product,. Then hold your hair straight with a brush. As you dry, direct the air downward as you smooth out your hair with the brush. For best results, only blow-dry every other day — though preferably even less. For those with curly hair, use a diffuser.
  4. Take a look at your brush – some brushes actually promote frizziness particularly if you naturally have curly or wavy hair.  Might be worth using a wide toothed comb or your fingers
  5. Deep-condition.  Treat yourself once a week to a deep conditioning treatment and that will help with enabling your hair to retain moisture, because dehydrated hair will develop into frizz.
  6. Protect your hair

Sunscreen isn’t just for the skin; it’s also for your hair. UV rays, chlorine all damage hair so,make sure you rub some sunscreen into your scalp and through the hair.  This way your hair will be protected and stay healthy and reduce the chance of frizz – what could be better.





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