Luxury hydrating skin care that’s accessible for us all by Maria Galland

      Us ladies constantly battle with keeping our skin soft, smooth and hydrated.  Our skin is constantly exposed to free radicals and negative environmental influences with every new day. Smog in the city, UV radiation, and intense air-conditioned environments, particularly in summer, are a challenge to the complexion.

Specific care, offering a protective shield, prolonging the life-span of the cells and thus counteracting skin ageing, is what is required to maintain the skin’s youthfulness. The only other alternative would be to fall into a long, deep sleep like Sleeping Beauty and we know that’s as likely as us marrying Prince William!

Maria Galland has developed a Luxury Hydrating series that essentially gives the complexion all-round cell protection and optimise the moisture levels in the facial skin with a long-term, “depot” effect. Exclusive and effective ingredient complexes are completely at the service of beauty, leaving the skin with maximum radiance and making it smoother and fuller once more – a perfect solution that suits our hectic lives.

Maria Galland suggests that we begin the luxury care routine with silky, light LUXURY HYDRATING SERUM 1012. Then, apply a few soft drops of LUXURY HYDRATING ELIXIR 1013 as a treatment or additional intensive care. By the way, the elixir is an ideal after-sun product, especially in summer.

If you use the light LUXURY HYDRATING CREAM 1006 then your skin will glow with a youthful and beautiful radiance. You should also treat your complexion to a well-being break once a week, with soft and creamy LUXURY HYDRATING MASK 1031.

So, there’s no reason to sink into a 100-year sleep – but at least we have Maria Galland to keep us looking like princesses!



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