Hyper-pigmentation. Dark spots. Uneven skin tone. Call it what you will, there is little doubt that the body’s own natural pigment, melanin, now plays an increasingly important role in our definition of what makes for a healthy and beautiful complexion. Are you missing out on a hidden gem in anti-aging skin treatments?

Although there are many factors involved in the production of melanin, from acne scarring to hormones during pregnancy, the most important is undoubtedly exposure to the sun. Or to be precise, overexposure to the sun! The damage caused to the skin by UV-rays is well documented, speeding the development of lines and wrinkles and also causing the increased production of melanin. But for many of us, the melanin that protected us from the sun and gave us a healthy, even tan in our twenties has now become our invisible ager!

This is because over time, the consistency of melanin production falters, causing the skin to colour less evenly after sun exposure. Some of the skin cells begin to under-produce melanin whilst others create too much. The effect is a mottled, aged appearance to the skin and amazingly it affects around 1 in 3 women over the age of 30 and 1 in 2 over the age of 40.

The good news is that unlike wrinkles, this visible sign of ageing really CAN be reversed without surgery. And where will you find these products? It’s in the ‘whitening’ ranges offered now by almost every major manufacturer of skincare and beauty products.

Traditionally whitening products were the preserve of Asian consumers seeking fairer skin, whilst Caucasians the world over worshipped the sun in an effort to become darker! Today, safe, effective products are widely available to help any skin type or tone to break down the old melanin patches and prevent the over-secretion that robs you of a clear, even complexion.

Now, La Cure, a new brand of skincare developed specifically for the Middle Eastern market has made a real breakthrough in depigmentation treatment with a powerful but gentle range using a blend of rare antioxidants, potent melanin inhibitors and gentle exfoliators to bring back that youthful, healthy, even complexion.

A visibly younger and fairer skin. Day after day … and there to stay!


Use La Cure evening treatments to speed progress towards your new, clearer skin. Melanin production decreases, spots and freckles fade. With White LAB +, flawless and perfectly translucent skin reappears.

The key active ingredients are obtained from natural sources:

  • KOJIC ACID: A natural by-product in the fermentation process of rice for use in the manufacture Japanese rice wine, Kojic acid is a highly potent antioxidant and is an effective inhibitor of melanin production.
  • MULBERRY EXTRACT :The extract of the bark and root contains ingredients that further inhibit the formation of melanin.
  • VITIS VINIFERA EXTRACT: A soothing emollient oil that also has wonderful antioxidant properties.
  • SACILYLIC ACID:  Improves skin thickness, barrier functions and collagen production. It gently exfoliates the skin surface without irritation and is safe to use every day.

Because every woman is genetically unique and reacts differently to UV exposure, La CURE brings specific solutions and offers a full range to suit each woman’s daily skincare routine.


It is always important to use a sunscreen within your daily routine – generally after your moisturiser and before you apply make-up.  Firstly cleanse your face to remove the initial surface make-up – the cleanser opens the pores, cleansing the top layer of make-up and grime away and preparing your skin for the toner.  When applied across your face and neck with cotton wool, the toner cleans out the pores and closes them ready for moisturising.  Apply your moisturiser after toning.  If you are applying an anti-aging serum, use this before your moisturiser and then apply your moisturiser as normal.

La CURE skin care products are now exclusively available in the following pharmacy locations. For further information on the range go to






Health First Elite Pharmacy

04 4377533

Health First Ghaleelah Pharmacy

04 2693618

Health First Shama Pharmacy

04 4474800

Al Fanar Pharmacy

04 3486120

Health First Scientific Pharmacy

04 3999020

Dehan Pharmacy

04 2287027

Health First Al Ghazal Pharmacy

04 3450888


Mafraq Pharmacy

06 5725313

Masafi Pharmacy

06 5721805

Sands Pharmacy

06 5336128

Ras Al Khaimah

Health First International Pharmacy

07 2282255

Health First Al Manar Pharmacy

07 2274848


Abu Dhabi 

Judy Pharmacy

02 6668798

Health First Royal Pharmacy

02 6666427

Health First Elite Pharmacy

02 4494209

Al Sadiq Pharmacy

02 5530036

Al Wathba Pharmacy

02 5831368

New Al Wathba Pharmacy

02 5822829


Health First Fujeirah Pharmacy

09 2229295

Siji Pharmacy

09 2231540

Safad Pharmacy

09 2447064

Dibba Pharmacy (in Dibba)

09 2444376




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