Look UP with make up range from Planet Pharmacy

Every woman loves make-up!  It is a fact – in fact it might well be part of a female’s DNA as there isn’t a woman alive who does not possess any make-up at all – it would be humanly impossible.

What is great about make-up is that you can experiment with so many different brands and types of make-up to find the one that suits you, and what’s better the best make-up bag has a selection of high end, branded make-up to the more affordable – it’s like the best dressed females are the ones that can mix designer with high street!

Planet Pharmacy do tend to have this knack of catering to their market – their make-up line; Look UP is an affordable range of make-up that seriously has some gems that once you try you simply won’t be able to live without.

Lipsticks – you’re either a lipstick girl or you’re not – but if you try the Look UP lipsticks you’ll find colours that match no other, and a moisturising that seriously kicks competition out of the water.

We love the Look UP lipsticks and don’t get me started on the lipgloss – you simply can’t go anywhere without it – the gorgeous array of colours are great and match any outfit and give that hint of glamour either before you go into a meeting or meeting friends after work and they’re easy on the wallet – lipsticks at Dhs.40 and lipgloss at Dhs.45 – any girl’s new BF!

LOOK UP lipstick comes in 24 amazing shades and the lip glosses in 6 and they should definitely be considered top priority in the make-up bag.


About planetlifestyle

Planet Lifestyle is the blog for Planet Pharmacy. Planet Lifestyle aims to give the latest and most up to date news on topics from nutrition to skin care to make-up and pharmacist tips and advice.
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